Language Development

Most parents know how hard it can be to get your child to “perform” on command, but I decided to give it a shot. 😛 Here is Lyra showing off some of the words she’s learned over the last couple of months.   She has been receiving regular speech therapy for the last month.  Lyra even mentions her speech therapists name, Scott, in the video…hmmmmm…  I swear it was just a coincidence.  😀

8 thoughts on “Language Development”

  1. Hi Thank you so much for your blog. It has been very eye opening for my husband and I. I posted a message on another part of your sight and have a question for you. how soon, that you know of can albinism be diagnosed in an optical exam? My son is only a month old. We have an appointment to see a genetic councilor but we can’t get in until September. He will be 5 months old by then and I think I would be able to get in to see an eye specialist before then. I just want to be very proactive when it comes to diagnosing him getting him the help he needs with his eye sight if the need is there. I am just wondering if it would be best to go ahead and schedule an eye exam or if it would be too soon at just a little over a month old to do so. Do you know anything about this? The doctors seem to be so lax in my area and it frustrates me.

  2. She is so stinking adorable! Madison, Emma, and I love watching the videos you have of her. I love her little voice and the bottom shaking was soooo cute! She is a little daredevil!! I also love the “I’m Cute”

  3. Hello thank you for your fantastic blog it is being very helpfull. I live in Madeira Island (Portugal) and like Rachel i was mum last month my boy was born on the 30th April. I would like to know also what type of exams are needed (genetic and optical). Living on an island has its problems and there is no association were I can apply for help in Portugal.
    Your daughter is simply an angel.

  4. Thank you I will look forward to your e-mail. I am seeing signs that he can see. He is locking eyes with me when nursing and following movement so I think this is a good sign.

  5. nope I did not get it. It might have been blocked as spam I figure that is the only reason I would not get it. That is my address though. We are just going to wait until the appt. in september. I think he will be ok until then and we may even find that in fact he does not have albinism we shall see. If he does we will move on with they eye exam and so on. he is doing very well though you can take a look on our family blog

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