Homemade Flashcard Activity

This was an idea I got from Lyra’s TVI.  I took pictures of a variety of toys and objects that Lyra was familiar with or played with regularly.  To make them more durable, I taped them to poster board a cut them out.  Then I put them into the plastic sleeves of some old photo albums I had, cut them out and then taped the end.  They were those free photo albums they used to give me when I’d have film developed at Wal-mart.  

Anyway, Lyra is getting a lot of learning out of this homemade activity.  She practices picture to object matching, like “Here is the ball, find mommy the picture of the ball,” and vice versa.  She practices picture to picture matching with a few of them at a time.  If I put them all out at once, it’s too confusing for her.  We also use the pictures for her to practice saying the words.  I’ll hold up a picture and say, “What’s this?” 

The pictures below include 8 of the flashcards I made.  I have a total of 13, but when I took these pics,  I either couldn’t find one of the picture cards or couldn’t find the object for the others.   She also has cards I made up with pictures of everyone in our family to help her learn to identify everyone and say their names…or her version of their name. 😛


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