Vision Update


Lyra had another appointment with her pediatric ophthalmologist a few weeks ago. Her vision continues to improve, however the best estimate we can get as far as accuity is still 20/200. She is too young to obtain visual acuities with standard measures. Dr. Grin is not seeing any recurrence of the strabismus and her nystagmus is less apparent. Lyra hasn’t developed any noticable head tilt that is sometimes associated with nystagmus. Her prescription for her glasses remains the same at +2.75 and +2.5. They didn’t dilate her eyes this time. They will do that at her next appointment in about 4 months. Lyra continues to do better at leaving her glasses on. As long as no one draws attention to them, she really just forgets about them and leaves them alone. Although, at the rate she’s growing, she’ll need a new pair before too long. Uhhhhggg…

A couple of months ago when Lyra had her functional vision update, her vision was assessed using the Teller grating acuity cards. These were used to get a “crude estimate” of near vision acuity. I had heard of these cards before, but I had never seen them and Lyra had never been evaluated using them. The results of this test put Lyra’s near vision acuity somewhere between 20/89 and 20/180. She was able to point to the stripes on the 20/180 card, but not the stripes on the 20/89 card.

It’s hard to know how well she can see at a distance. I know that if she is more than 5-6 feet away from me in a room with other adults, its difficult for her to recognize me unless she hears my voice. This is hard for me to deal with at times…especially when I’m picking her up from the nursery at church. I’ll be standing there next to a couple of other moms and I’ll see Lyra there squinting trying to see if maybe one of those tall mom like figures standing in the doorway might be her mommy. 🙁
I should focus on the positive. Lyra is doing AMAZINGLY well functionally. If not for the glasses, your average person on the street would not know she had a visual impairment. 🙂

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