Cause Ya Gotta Have Friends

Nothing can compare to seeing and talking to adults with albinism and other parents of children with albinism.

Last month, a couple of friends and I organized a local picnic for adults with albinism and other parents of children with albinism.  It was our first attempt at doing anything like this.  We called it the Greater Kansas City NOAH Picnic in the Park.  I was REALLY nervous about Lyra in the sun all day.  This was really her first time ever spending several hours playing outside mid-day in the full sun.  I was seriously reapplying sunscreen about every 10 minutes.  I just didn’t want to miss a spot. 😛

At the end of the day, Lyra had remained sunburn free.  Yay!!!   Her cheeks were a little red, but that was caused by all the rubbing I did applying sunscreen.  ooops…

Even with my last minute planning, we ended up having 3 adults with albinism and 4 children with albinism plus their families attend.  I thought that was AWESOME for our first year.  🙂  We have already set the date for next year’s picnic… June 6th, 2009.

4 thoughts on “Cause Ya Gotta Have Friends”

  1. How wonderful! We had the Ophthalmologist appointment for Blake. His eyes checked out just fine…no signs of albinism. Thank you for your support and for this wonderful sight. I will be keeping tabs of you and Lyra through frequent reading of your blog

  2. Great job Mashawna. I wish there were more people in SD to get together without having to drive 3- 5 hours! It looks like you had a blast. What a neat pic of all the kids!

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