Sun and Skin Protection

Product Recommendations, Tips, and Resources

Less is more when it comes to the number of ingredients in skin care products.

– Ingredients like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide or Parsol 1789 offer the best sun protection.
– Recommended brands include Vanicream SPF 60, Neutrogena SPF 55 or 70, Neutrogena Sensitive Skin SPF 30, and Total Block. (Although Total Block needs to update their website with an accurate and more current description/definition of albinism)

For dry skin care (recommended by dermatologist)

-Dove for Sensitive Skin
-Oil of Olay


-Aquaphor ointment
-Vaseline ointment
-Eucerin cream
-Cetaphil creamDetergent

-Tide Free
-Cheer Free
-All Free and ClearDiaper rash

-Triple PasteTips from Dermatologist
-Sunscreen should be worn on sunny and cloudy days and all year around.
-Reapply during prolonged sun exposure or after swimming or heavy sweating.
-Avoid sun exposure during 10AM and 4PM.
-Wear a broad brimmed hat.
-Wear sunglasses.
-Wear sun protective clothing. (See list below)
-Protect skin from sun coming through windows at home and in your car. (See list below)
-Sit in the shade whenever possible.

Sun Protective Clothing Resources
UV Sungear-
Solar Eclipse-
Sun Togs-

Home/Auto window tinting and shades
North Solar Screen-

Llumar Window Film and Window Tint-

Industrial Shadeports-



Other Great Resources
One Step Ahead-
They have a variety of products for babies and children, including many for sun protection.

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  1. Do you have her wear sunscreen inside if it’s a sunny day and it’s coming through the windows? We have a lot of windows in our house, but I hate keeping sunscreen on him all day.

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