I Hate Sunscreen

Putting sunscreen on Lyra so much is a big pain in the butt. Only because I’ve been lazy and careless in the past. I have never been real consistent in putting sunscreen on my oldest two children or myself. I should have been. If I had put sunscreen on them more regularly, it wouldn’t seem like I was constantly putting it on Lyra now.
I would never take her out without sunscreen. I know I just need to make it a habit. Right now its still an annoyance and I’m being selfish.

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2 thoughts on “I Hate Sunscreen”

  1. Oh, I too know that pain of the sunscreen. We have it all over our lives. My 11 yo dd with albinism has her own daily routine but I keep it in the car, all over the house and in my purse just in case she forgets.

    A funny-we went into a candle store in the mall a few weeks ago and were smelling all the candles. One was some tropical scent and it smelled like SUNSCREEN! We both said, NO thanks!!!

    That said, we did have a basal cell cancer on H’s nose last summer and were renewed in our vigor to be diligent with it. HAng in there, some day she’ll ba able to do it herself.

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