She Can’t be 2 ALREADY!

In approximately 12.5 hours, my baby will be TWO!!!

I am just not ready. 🙁 It’s just awful for me really. All of my babies are growing up too quickly, but Lyra is my last baby. Even thinking about her not being a baby anymore makes me cry.

Ahhhh… I’m just a big sap.

Even though this past year has FLOWN by, it has been a great year. Lyra has really developed her personality. She is happy and fearless and determined and opinionated and usually a total ham. Oh…and she LOVES her Daddy…I think more than she loves me. 😛

It seems that after the first year, all of the little milestones seem to blur together. I know she’s learned a lot and done a lot of new things, but it’s hard to put dates on anything. Her field of vision continues to expand. A couple of weeks ago at church, Lyra was in the nursery and she saw a picture on the wall of a baby and she pointed to it and said “a baby.” She was TEN feet away from the picture. It was so awesome. 🙂 Obviously she has overcome her difficulties with pointing. Oh yeah, and she recently got her second pair of glasses. She is wearing them in the picture above.

She has done so well over the last year with her gross and fine motor skills, that as of this month, we are changing her Occupational Therapy to only once per month. Lyra can point, put, pinch, pick, throw a ball (and many other things), scribble, and eat with a spoon! (why do so many of the fine motor skills start with P) Lyra can walk forwards and backwards, run, walk upstairs using the wall or hand rail, walk downstairs holding a hand, kick a ball, twist and wiggle, jump with both feet off the ground, and climb EVERYTHING! 😛

Overall this year, she has been successful in mastering her environments…at least all of her inside environments. The only time I ever see her struggle is when she is outside. It’s funny though…she LOVES going outside! She will bang on the sliding glass door if her brother or sister go out without her. She says “outside” a lot too, which is cute because she says it with such yearning. Whenever we get ready to leave or just go outside, she always says “hat” to remind us that she needs her hat to go outside. I love it! It’s only been over the last couple of months that her language development has just EXPLODED. We’re still working on the communication aspect of it, but she definitely knows a lot of words now.

So starting tomorrow, (I guess it’s already tomorrow) Lyra will be off to master her outside world. I suppose mommy will just have to loosen those ropes a bit.

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