Shop-Toys, Books, & Sun Protection

After working on this little project for over a month now, I am finally ready to present this to all of you:

Because of the unique needs of children with albinism, it can a very challenging task finding helpful products. I thought it would be nice if parents could find toys and books that are good for low-vision and also sun protection products all in one place. I created an Amazon store and then searched through the hundreds of thousands of products on to find the ones I thought were the best. My selections were based on my research, personal experience, and personal opinion. By no means is this the only place on the web where you can find these items, however it would take you long time to try to find all of these on your own. I will continue to add products over time, including increasing the number of toys for older children. In case you’re wondering, I earn 4% on all purchases made through my store. So this means I earn a whopping $4 for every $100.00 spent, so I don’t expect to get rich through this project. Any money we do earn will be used toward our trip to the upcoming NOAH conference in July.
Thanks for shopping!
Please email me if you have any questions or if you have any suggestions for products to add.

Click on the link below to visit my store:

Toys/Books/Products for Children with Albinism