New Sun-Protective Clothing

I was browsing through the catalog I received yesterday and found that One Step Ahead has some new sun-protection items.

I am definitely going to get the outfit in the first picture below. We bought last year’s version, which was actually a one piece, but still similar. I’m pretty sure it is made out of the same material. It is VERY light weight and breathable. It doesn’t get hot and sweaty and sticky like t-shirts do during the hot summer months in our extreme Kansas humidity. One Step Ahead describes the clothing as “cool and comfortable, breathable, quick-drying, and antimicrobial. It is UPF 50+ protection.

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and is used to measure the protection factor of clothing like SPF is used to measure the protection factor of sunscreen and make-up.

The outfit in the second picture is really more of a wetsuit. It has the same UPF protection and is also salt, and chlorine resistant. They have a lot of other sun-protection clothing items in their Sun Smarties collection which I LOVE.

I also found a really neat outdoor sunshade/tent. That is the 3rd picture below.

You can find all of these online at One Step Ahead. Just do a search for “Sun Smarties” to find the clothing and “shade” to find the tent.
If you go to the One Step Ahead online store through I-Give, then 4% of your purchases is donated to NOAH and it doesn’t cost you anymore. You can get to the I-Give website from the link below.