Hair Color Changes

Lyra’s hair has started looking rather dingy. I can think of no other word to describe it. YES, I do wash my child’s hair. I just don’t think the baby shampoo is going to cut it anymore. Her hair just has this slight yellowish/grayish tint to it lately. I know it’s not her hair gaining pigment, because its hair all over her head, not just hair closest to the roots. In fact the dingiest looking part of her hair is the hair in the middle and on the ends. It’s kinda gross. 😛
I’m going to have to research this a little more, but I vaguely remember reading something on the NOAH forum about hair absorbing pollution. Yucky! I hate to use some hardcore clarifying shampoo on her hair, because even though she’s got white polluted hair…she still has soft baby fine hair and I don’t want to damage it or dry it out. Hopefully I can find a shampoo that is both powerful yet gentle. Then we’ll just have to go make ourselves a shampoo commercial. 😀

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