Update on Vision and Motor Skills

Lyra wears her glasses now all the time, rarely taking them off except for at night. This is wonderful, however now they are nearly too small for her. They are beginning to leave marks on her nose where they are too tight, and they barely reach over her ears. This STINKS! I can’t believe we are already going to have to spend another $200+ for a new pair of glasses. Eventually, thank goodness, she won’t be growing so fast and her glasses won’t need to be replaced as often.

At close distances, those less than 6 feet or so, she seems to be doing great. I don’t notice her putting books right up to her nose anymore. She does stand/sit fairly close to the TV, but then again, so do many fully sighted toddlers. 🙂 I’m anxious to see how she’ll do this spring when she can play outside. How far away can she see a tree, or a car driving by, or a cow, or a flower, or all the other outside things that she hasn’t learned about? 🙁

Her next appointment with her pediatric ophthalmologist is in March. (YES! I finally learned how to spell that word correctly) Anyway, we’ll probably try to wait until then to get her new glasses, in case her prescription changes. Everything else looks good. I rarely see the nystagmus anymore and we have not seen her strabismus coming back.

It is much easier to tell you how Lyra is doing with her vision, fine motor, and gross motor skills by showing you. Here are 3 different videos demonstrating Lyra’s various abilities and quirks. You’ll see in the first video, based on the appearance of the floor, that there’s definitely a reason why the nursery workers at church have nicknamed her the Platinum Tornado. 😀
Notice in the second video how inconsistent her O&M skills can be. She uses her vision and weaves through a room full of toys perfectly one time and then a minute later walk through the exact same path and fall all over the place. It’s hard not to laugh. She is too cute!

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