More Dumb Things People Say

lyra bw

I was at my dentist’s office making a payment with Lyra a while back, and there was an older woman finishing up about the same time as us. She had been staring and making baby talk/saying Hi to Lyra for a few minutes. As we were walking out, me pushing Lyra in her stroller, the lady followed outside. Once outside I bent over to fix Lyra’s sun hat. The lady bent over to talk to Lyra and in her best baby-talk voice, said “What are you?” EXCUSE ME… At first I thought I MUST have misunderstood her, but then she said it again, “What are you?”…and AGAIN 2 or 3 more times! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! SHE’S A BABY, YOU IDIOT! WHAT THE HECK KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT!?!

Anyway, I was SO STUNNED after hearing these words come out of this woman’s mouth, that I just stood there…speechless…and then walked away. I was really kicking myself later that day for not saying anything. I should have at least given her one of Lyra’s cards.

There’s always something new. 🙂

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