Lyra’s Updated “Business” Card

We have recently updated the “business” cards we had made a while back. We changed the pictures, replacing them with more recent ones. I also changed the wording on the back slightly. In case you haven’t seen the previous post about how/why we made these cards, you can view that post here: Here’s My Card

We designed and ordered them through Vista Print. They’re always having special deals and you can also get other types of personalized products; magnets, address labels, calendars, pens, etc. Below is a picture of the front and back of Lyra’s card.

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Lyra’s updated “business” card

Here’s My Card

Here is an idea. Maybe I’m a little obsessive, but oh well. For anyone who has seen NOAH’s albinism info. “business card, you’ll notice I modeled ours after it. I first got the idea to make something like this after Lyra’s TVI told me about a parent who got sick of answering the same questions over and over again and decided to make bookmarks with information about albinism to give to people. Then I saw NOAH’s cards and knew I had to make our own. I am a strong believer in educating anyone who has questions or anyone who only knows the myths regarding albinism. These cards are really great to carry in my purse just in case. It saves us the stress involved in answering questions or responding to ignorant comments and quickly shuts-up the annoying people.card-front1.JPG card-back1.JPG

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