Speech Evaluation & IFSP Update

‘Ehhhwhoa’ and ‘Buh-bah’= Hello and Goodbye

Lyra’s speech development is still delayed, and she has yet to begin receiving actual services from a speech therapist. This will begin next week. She was evaluated in October, but the evaluation was incomplete. In addition to that, staffing issues caused a delay in beginning services, so we had to get another evaluation completed by a different speech therapist. It has been frustrating to say the least. Hopefully everything will go as planned next week and Lyra can get started.
At this point, she’s just making gestures (thank goodness she learned a bit of ASL) and grunting. But she’s trying to speak- she’s using different inflections in her voice and chaining sounds together. She plays a game on the computer called ‘Giggle’ and when she wants to play it, she says “guh-guh”. ‘Hello’ in Lyra-speak is “ehhhwhoa”. Goodbye becomes “buh-bah”. She knows what ‘hot’ is, and to her it’s ‘haaht’. The word ‘yeah’ is a long drawn-out, whispery kind of “yeeaahhh”. It’s all about communicating, and Lyra is clearly displaying frustration in her ability to do that. Like any parent, I understand my child’s unique vocabulary better than anyone else, I just wish that Lyra could be understood by everyone else too.
You can view her Speech and Language Evaluation and IFSP by clicking the links below.

Lyra’s Speech Evaluation

Lyra’s Updated IFSP

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One thought on “Speech Evaluation & IFSP Update”

  1. I can understand what you are going through and how frustrating it is. Madison sometimes “loses” her ability to talk, mainly when she is having a tantrum, and it is very hard. She gets upset b/c she can’t communicate and I don’t know how to help her. She is being evaluated for autism, on the high functioning side.

    I hope that therapy all gets worked out and that you get to see progress soon. Take care

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