Albinism Awareness

Although I haven’t been that vocal about it on this site, albinism awareness is something that is extremely important to me. One topic in particular that I have very strong opinions about is how albinism is portrayed on TV shows and in movies. I will educate everyone I know or ever meet in the hopes of making life a little easier for Lyra and other children with albinism.
Some people argue that the treatment of albinism in movies and on tv is no different than any other condition or disability. That’s not true. There are some movies out there that inaccurately portray other conditions/disabilities, but for every inaccurate portrayal, you can find a movie with an ACCURATE portrayal of that same condition/disability. That’s not the case with albinism. With the exception of the movie The Albino Code, written and directed by NOAH member Dennis Hurley, there are no movies out there that present an accurate portrayal of a person with albinism. This has been the largest contributing factor to society’s overall lack of understanding of albinism and false perception of “albinos.” The characters with albinism people have seen in movies have ALL been negative; evil, scary, freakish, mentally challenged…the list goes on. Can you IMAGINE if someone tried to make a movie about an evil character with autism…or a freaky mutant with Down Syndrome? That would NEVER happen, because it’s WRONG. Why is it okay with albinism?
It’s NOT okay!!!

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