Lyra finally has her glasses. The first time we put them on, they were off in less than 30 seconds. Every time we tried to put them back on her, she would shake her head “no” and scream.

Now, 2 weeks later, she’s kept them on for up to 20 minutes at a time and she LETS us put them back on her. I’ve noticed they start to slide off her nose after a while, giving her the NERD look. I’m going to take them in to be adjusted to fit better. They also have to order new lenses, because these were supposed to be transition lenses…which we paid for…but they’re not.
I can’t decide if she looks cuter with them on or off.

I think they’re helping her see better, but it’s hard to tell. She seems to have more precision with fine motor skills when she is wearing them…putting a small ball in a cup, putting puzzle pieces in, reaching for objects. So the glasses are improving her close/near vision, but what if it screws up her distance vision? I guess my glasses for nearsightedness don’t screw up my close-up vision. These are the kinds of stupid things I worry about.

Her prescription isn’t very strong…+2.5 in one eye and +2.75 in the other eye, but when I look through them, they look really wacky. She’s leaving them on longer, so it can’t look too wacky from her perspective.

She has her next appointment with her pediatric ophthalmologist on Dec. 5th.

It’s going to be a long month and a half for impatient mommy.

Poor Dominick is so sad…he’s the only one in our family who “doesn’t get to have glasses”…other than the dog. 🙂Glasses2

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