Lyra the Pinball!

Lyra is walking pretty much all the time. I rarely see her crawl anymore. This is AWESOME…except that she is like a pinball when she walks. I keep the toys, books, blankets and sippy cups picked up as much as possible, but Lyra drags everything out all over the place. Then she walks around the room tripping on this, bumping into that, and sideswiping everything else. I know toddlers fall a lot when learning to walk, but I think its more than just being a toddler. The only identifiable issue that we can try to correct, is that Lyra doesn’t look down, as she walks across a room. She just PLOWS right on through. Her TVI says this (not looking down) is fairly typical of kids with visual impairments. Also contributing to her frequent bumps and bruises is her poor depth perception. She’ll misjudge how close she is to the wall or climbing gym and clip the side of her head on it.
We are working with her and trying to use some sound cues to get her to stop and look down. And lots of kisses for the bumps and bruises. She will be having an evaluation with an Orientation and Mobility specialist in a month or two. This is a standard evaluation done once a child starts walking. The O&M specialist will be able to help us recognize/identify which trips and falls are a result of her low vision and which are just typical toddler falls.

She’s been doing so good… I had started to forget she had any visual impairment for a while.

It just makes me sad…

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