Depth Perception

I hadn’t had any real concerns regarding Lyra’s vision development for a long time. Recently though, her TVI, Troy and I have noticed some issues with her depth perception. She tried to “pick-up” a label on her Baby Faces book as if it was a sticker, but the label was printed on the book, it was flush with the cover. Also, we got this book called “Cheerios”… it has pictures of cheerios and also has little cut-out circles for you to place real cheerios. We present the pages to Lyra with the real ones already on it and see if she can pick out the real ones from the fake ones. Anyway, she struggles with this and tries to pick up the fake ones. Also, with her walking more now, I don’t know if she is running into things just because she’s a typical toddler, or because of poor depth perception.

I talked to her PO about this and she said its common for kids with albinism to struggle with depth perception. I knew this, but I had hoped the strabismus surgery would have helped this more. I just wish I knew exactly HOW MUCH her depth perception was impaired.

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