My daughter Rebekah is 11 years old. I have a unique and special relationship with her that different than my relationship with Dominick and Lyra. Part of this is because I was very young when I had her and in many ways we grew up together. Consequently, I am quite protective of her and cautious in my decision making with her. Another reason we have this close relationship is because we are so very much alike, in our behaviors, attitudes, and even looks. Sometimes its as if I’ve made a little clone of myself. This is frightening because I look back on mistakes I’ve made and don’t want her to repeat them.
Like me, she is a worrier. One thing she got from her dad is her intelligence. Rebekah is gifted. She thinks in ways I will never understand. These to traits combined really affect her relationship with her sister Lyra. She wants to know everything she can about albinism and how it will affect Lyra. She wants to learn braille and about the anatomy of eye. If we can’t answer her questions, she’ll look it up. She worries about the future and about all of the what ifs that I’ve fought so hard not to worry about. She’s is protective of Lyra and wants to be able to answer other people’s questions. I know she loves her baby sister very much and I think the two of them will have a great relationship despite the 10+ year age gap.

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