Focuses on faces- 4 months
Laughs out loud- 3 months
Rolls front to back- 3 months Rolls
back to front- 6 months
Sits unsupported- 7 months
Says “Da Da”- 7 months
Says “Ma Ma”- 8 months
Crawls- army crawl- 1/7/07
First teeth- 1/7/07- two lower central incisors came in together (this was a big day)
Claps hands- Feb 4th, 2007
Pulls up to standing position- Feb 11th
Goes from sitting to crawling and back to sitting without help- Feb 13th
Crawls-on hands and knees- 10 months
Cruises-side to side only, along sofa or coffee table- 10 1/2 months
Stands alone- 3/25/07 (maybe 3 seconds-tops)
Waves Bye-Bye- 10 months (waves to herself)
Finds hidden objects/toys- 10-11 months
Discovers her voice-9-11 months (“sings” along with music and screams for fun)
Takes first steps w/o hanging on to anything— 5/1/07- 1 or 2 steps, 5/7/07- 4 steps

One thought on “Milestones”

  1. Congrats on standing up! Before you know it she’ll be running circles around you! Stay warm, it is cold here in Kansas.

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