Bubbles Bubbles…Pop!

Lyra has been exceeding all of my expectations with her vision. She has seen things or done things I thought would never happen. Like all kids with albinism, Lyra has multiple eye problems that contribute to her overall low vision. One of those is nystagmus which is an involuntary rhythmic shaking of the eyes. Lyra’s nystagmus is very mild most of the time, but it gets worse when she is concentrating hard or tired or not feeling well.

Tracking or following moving objects can be very challenging for someone with nystagmus. Seeing something that is clear or “see through” when you have low vision is also a challenge. Playing with and popping bubbles in the air is an activity that requires BOTH! It is something I could have never imagined Lyra being able to do. It was one of the many things I’ve thought about in the past….things I’ve worried about…worried that Lyra would never get to see and experience. They’re the little things we take for granted.

Well Lyra CAN pop bubbles…and chase them and point to them and stomp on them and even try to eat them! 😀 She was even able to follow and point to bubbles I’d blown when we were playing outside…in less than optimal lighting conditions.

I am thrilled that Lyra is doing so well, but I’m still always on guard. I’m not going to hold her back, but at the same time I don’t want to expect too much because I don’t want to be disappointed. I get so excited when I see her able to really see things that I wouldn’t expect. I’m definitely more hopeful for the future. With that hope and my prayers, someday, maybe she’ll get to see that shooting star after all. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bubbles Bubbles…Pop!”

  1. Mashawna,
    I was reading your last post and what a coincidence! Ryker was chasing and popping bubbles the other day and I was so amazed and proud of him. I’m sure our children will never stop amazing us with what they are able to accomplish! I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. I was worried about Frankie seeing bubbles too! I remember when he was a baby and he was at an EI class, they brought out bubbles, and he could not see them at all. But now he loves them outside, like Lyra.
    I know what you mean about not wanting to expect too much! I think that a lot, but he surprises me every day!

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