Vision Update- 2 years 9 months

Vision Update- 2 years 9 months

Lyra had a check-up with her pediatric ophthalmologist last month.  They didn’t dialate her eyes at this visit. The health of her eyes is good, normal. Her nystagmus hasn’t changed…it remains minimal, in both the speed and the distance of the eye movements.

The alignment of her eyes is still good…no crossing. I’m really trying to prepare myself mentally/emotionally just in case her eyes start crossing in again.  Her doctor told us that even after strabismus surgery, sometimes kids’ eyes will start crossing again.  Dr. Grin also said that typically if that happens, it’s usually during the preschool years when they start learning letters and numbers and other activities that are more challenging visually. Lyra is beginning to show an interest it those things and so I’ll really be watching for any misalignment of her eyes. I know it’s not a HUGE probability, but it is a possibility.

The cool and exciting thing Lyra was able to do at this appointment was “read” and eye chart.  This was the first appointment she’s had, where she has been verbal enough to even attempt to “read” an eye chart.  By “read,” I mean identify pictures on an eye chart or individual pictures on a computer screen across the room.   She did pretty good, I think.  I’m not complaining.  She was able to identify a few of the pictures at 20/100 and most of them at 20/200.  They got as much as they could from her, for the time she was willing to cooperate.  She is still a typical 2-year old and would only “play the game” for so long.

Her glasses prescription remained the same, +3.50 in both eyes.  Dr. Grin wants to see her back in 6 months. Of course if we start noticing any changes or problems before that, I’ll have her an appointment scheduled in a heart beat. 😀

We also got to take home a copy of the eye chart for Lyra to practice naming the pictures.  They’re not all the clearest most obvious pictures to identify.  She just needs to become more familiar with them so she can recognize them and name them as something.  Even if she calls a bird a duck…as long as she consistently calls the bird a duck…and doesn’t call anything else a duck…then she’s identified the bird.   Clear as mud?  Here is a copy of the pictures from the eye chart.  You can see how confusing they might be for a 2-year old.


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  1. We are practicing with the pictures too and I agree – they are confusing! I really wish they would update them, but such is life I guess. If you get a chance, I’d love to hear what kind of activities you do with her to help her get them down. Our new VI made them into individual cards and laminated them for practicing with the real object (i.e. I show him a toy duck and then the duck card), but he gets bored after 2 seconds!

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