These are some great resources that learned about through the college courses I have recently been taking.  Even though not all of the sites are specifically related to visual impairments, all of them are full of useful information that I think may be helpful…or at least interesting enough to check out. 🙂 All About Vision –How To Read Your Eyeglass Prescription– Browse this website for other eye/vision related articles. Project Ideal – Informing and Designing Education for All Learners Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness – Links in left sidebar on O&M and Braille TelAbility Handouts and Video-conference Presentations – Handouts are sorted by category inRead More →

Troy and I, and the rest of Lyra’s IEP team met for a 2nd time to continue where we had left off during the meeting the week before.  Like the first meeting, this one also lasted 3 hours, but it was a much more productive 3 hours.  We were able to get the IEP completed, other than a few corrections in the wording that we’re still working on.  We were successful in getting Braille written into the IEP, including pre-braille goals and direct Braille instruction. We were also able to get most of our list of accommodations and modifications included. One of the reasons thisRead More →

Prior to this first IEP meeting, we had put together our own list of possible goals for Lyra.  They were in a very rough draft form and I wasn’t exactly sure what the best way to word them would be.  My plan for writing them was to follow the Smart IEP guidelines, but because I was in a hurry, I never got that far.  Click on the following link to read what we had come up with for the goals:  Goals __________________________ This meeting did not go well overall.  We spent a lot of time arguing and I did way too much talking.  I wasRead More →

From the very beginning of this whole process, I’ve known that our biggest challenge would be getting the school district to teach Lyra Braille.  I very quickly learned just how big that challenge was going to be. On Lyra’s first day attending the preschool for her transition, I dropped her off at her classroom and went to meet with one of the IEP team members from the school district.  This would be one of the “heated conversations” that I referred to in an earlier post.  The purpose of our meeting was just to go over some questions I had, but somewhere in the middle ofRead More →