Her bus arrives home after school one day – Lyra walks in the front door and drops her backpack on the floor.  As she’s taking her coat off, I ask her, “How was your day?”  “Good” she says…and just before I’m able to ask my next question, she adds, “and I didn’t learn anything new today, Mom.”   My jaw drops, and I’m thinking…have I really become that predictable to my 3-yr old? Yeah, so maybe I do often ask Lyra what she learned at school.  I guess it’s just this crazy idea/belief I have, that every child should have the opportunity to learn something newRead More →

This takes so much less effort than actually WRITING a post. I hope to start writing again soon though.  🙂 Make photo slide shows at www.OneTrueMedia.comRead More →

This week, ABC’s 20/20 did an hour long special about albinism and the crisis in Tanzania, Albinism: Caught Between Dark and Light. NOAH had been in contact and working with ABC News A LOT over the past year, providing them information and connecting them with families and individual with albinism.  Overall I think the special turned out good and it presented a clear and positive message. Below is a clip from the special.  The full episode can be viewed on the ABC website from this link: Full EpisodeRead More →

Beginning this year, her first year of preschool, Lyra will be learning both print and braille. This concept is known as “dual-media.” I must admit, when Lyra was a baby, and we were still coming to terms with her condition, the LAST thing I wanted to hear was someone telling me that Lyra might need braille. Braille was for blind people and my baby was NOT going to be blind. Most of what I heard and read up to this point told me that Lyra’s vision would be good enough that she could read print and not need to learn braille. So how did IRead More →

I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned this on this site, but I am now a member of the NOAH Board of Directors.  As a board member, one of the projects I’ve been working on is planning a local 1-day mini-conference to be held on on August 8th at the Kansas State School for the Blind.   This would be why you haven’t seen any new posts over the last several weeks.  🙂 The Kansas City mini-conference is the 5th in a series of regional events across North America in 2009.  For more information on other upcoming NOAH events, visit the NOAH Events page. I haveRead More →

Troy and I, and the rest of Lyra’s IEP team met for a 2nd time to continue where we had left off during the meeting the week before.  Like the first meeting, this one also lasted 3 hours, but it was a much more productive 3 hours.  We were able to get the IEP completed, other than a few corrections in the wording that we’re still working on.  We were successful in getting Braille written into the IEP, including pre-braille goals and direct Braille instruction. We were also able to get most of our list of accommodations and modifications included. One of the reasons thisRead More →

Prior to this first IEP meeting, we had put together our own list of possible goals for Lyra.  They were in a very rough draft form and I wasn’t exactly sure what the best way to word them would be.  My plan for writing them was to follow the Smart IEP guidelines, but because I was in a hurry, I never got that far.  Click on the following link to read what we had come up with for the goals:  Goals __________________________ This meeting did not go well overall.  We spent a lot of time arguing and I did way too much talking.  I wasRead More →

Lyra had a check-up with her pediatric ophthalmologist last month.  They didn’t dialate her eyes at this visit. The health of her eyes is good, normal. Her nystagmus hasn’t changed…it remains minimal, in both the speed and the distance of the eye movements. The alignment of her eyes is still good…no crossing. I’m really trying to prepare myself mentally/emotionally just in case her eyes start crossing in again.  Her doctor told us that even after strabismus surgery, sometimes kids’ eyes will start crossing again.  Dr. Grin also said that typically if that happens, it’s usually during the preschool years when they start learning letters andRead More →

In my last post about Lyra’s IFSP-IEP transition, I  said I would post the answers to my questions, in my next post.  I apologize for keeping you all waiting for so long.  I had intended to write that post before Lyra’s transition meeting on February 6th.  We  have already had that meeting, so I have twice as much information to share…well kind of.  The actual “transition meeting” was rather uneventful.  More on that later. From our pre-“transition meeting” meeting we had back in January, I learned that our district has 4 Teachers of the Visually Impaired on staff.  I was VERY pleasantly surprised about that! Read More →