Sunscreen Safety

Sunscreen Safety

It’s that time of year. We are seeing fewer nice warm sunny days, which means our children are often spending less time outside.  Because of the cooler weather, our kids will be wearing pants and longer sleeved shirts.  However, even in the winter, when they do go outside, we need to remember to apply sunscreen to any parts of their body NOT protected by clothing.    Sun exposure can be even worse on a snowy day because of the amount of reflection off of the bright snow.

I have been meaning to post this link for a long time now.
When it comes to sunscreen, this is the website I go to first:
Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database
They review and rate sunscreens based on UVA and UVB exposure risks and also health risks.

Here are their “Top Picks” from 10 common brands:

Blue Lizard (anything without oxybenzone)
California Baby (anything with SPF 30+)
CVS with zinc oxide
Jason Natural Cosmetics Sunbrellas Mineral Based  Sunblock
Kiss My Face “Paraben Free” series
Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunblock
Olay Defense Daily UV Moisturizer (with zinc)
SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense
Solar Sense Clear Zinc for Face
Walgreens Zinc Oxide for Face, Nose, & Ears

We’ve gone through 2 bottles of the Blue Lizard Baby Suncream since this past summer.  Lyra has never had a sunburn. 🙂