Substitutes and Volunteers

Substitutes and Volunteers

Last year I discovered that at Lyra’s elementary school, they utilize A LOT of parent volunteers in regular classrooms and throughout the school building.  Knowing that most of these volunteers would know little or nothing about albinism, I decided to create a document with some of the need to know information about Lyra.  I thought it would also be useful for Lyra’s teacher to have available for substitute teachers. My biggest problem has been deciding which information is “need to know” and which isn’t. This document started out as 3 pages!!!  🙁  I now have it cut down to about 1 ¼ pages, but if I expect the volunteers and substitutes to actually READ it, I need to get it down to just 1 page.

I suppose I could just exclude the entire 2nd page…but I really don’t want to.  I’m open to suggestions.  🙂

Here is a link to my “About Lyra” form:
About Lyra for Substitute



  1. Mashawna, This is a great idea! I know you want to provide the information hey need about Lyra and educate about albinism. Having spent many hours volunteering in my daughters’ schools, may I suggest cutting back a little on the educating part. I know you are passionate about that, and I respect that, but in the fast paced environment of early elementary school, just getting enough time to read and digest what is ‘need to know’ information is sometimes a challenge. Maybe what I am trying to say is it is a little wordy. Try to stick to the information that will help the volunteers and substitutes interact with Lyra directly. Simply–her glasses do not correct her vision completely. She needs to get close to things and hold things where she can see them. Great job–keep it up!

  2. I just came across your blog because my 6 year old little bit has albinism so I googled sports for albinos and your soccer post came up. I tried golf. I thought it would be good because you are right up on the ball to hit it but he hated good and said it was boring. He’s in Gymnastics now and will start swimming class next week. But I loved you’re info sheet! I saved it to my phone and will make my own. I’m having a hard time with school for him. He’s in kindergarten and had been fine so fat but recently homework had been sent home that he came read. I spoke to his teacher and she blows it up now. But I wad in his class on Friday and he couldn’t read the prompt she had written on the board. She’s not following his IEP. I’m just frustrated, knowing the is probably only the first small battle I will wage in the coming years to fight for him. Anyway thanks!

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