Soccer 2016

Soccer 2016

I’ve recently started playing this year’s spring soccer season. I’ve been playing since I was 6 years old. Here are the pros and cons of playing soccer related to my vision: Sometimes I misjudge the distance of the goal and miss it because of my depth perception. I always need the ball to be a bright color so that I see it. One time they played the first half with a green ball, but they switched it for the next half. One time, a kid on one of my teams called me a vampire during practice. I just told my mom what happened and that it hurt my feelings, but then didn’t make a big deal about it. The last con is from when I first started playing. The coaches would give directions to me by pointing.

Now on to the pros. No one has ever made fun of me because of my hat and sunglasses. All they’ve ever done is asked and I tell them. I don’t always know exactly where the ball is so I keep kicking in the general area of the ball so my odds of actually kicking it are better. Mom says I’m fearless, I just keep going after the ball no matter what. It really helps if I have a good coach. My favorite was Coach Mark. He really helped me to work hard and do my best. For the past year, my dad has been my coach, and he’s awesome too.

I plan on continuing to play soccer as long as I can. 😀


  1. Lyra, great post! My daughter (with albinism) also played soccer until she was in high school and switched to playing goalball. She loved playing left defender. She practiced hours and hours, concentrating on her strengths which were kicking the ball far and being accurate. Her coach would have her kick all corner kicks because of her accuracy. She created code words with her teammates if she couldn’t see where the ball was. The toughest game she had was when the opposing team had red socks and the ball was red. She advocated for a white ball. Haha. Keep up the great work!!

  2. I love the part that says “Mom says I’m fearless,I just keep going after the ball no matter what.” I love that piece of you. She is right.

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