New Parenting Book Available

New Parenting Book Available

The new book, “Raising a Child with Albinism: A Guide to the Early Years” is now available for purchase.  It is published by the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH) and is the first of its kind.  This book will be an invaluable resource for new parents of a child with albinism.  It truly is a great book.  I’ve already bought 6 copies. 😛 I am also one of the 20 contributing writers and one of the 8 contributing photographers.  🙂   You’ll find pics of my Lyra on pages 41 and 88.

Here is the book description from the NOAH website:

Raising a Child with Albinism:
A Guide to the Early Years is a 200-page volume containing contributions from close to 20 different writers. It provides a singularly authoritative source for new parents of children with albinism. Edited by NOAH member Susan DuBois, mother of two children with albinism, this informative and inspiring book is illustrated with color photos contributed by Positive Exposure�s Rick Guidotti and eight others.
Topics include:
-What is albinism?
-How will albinism impact my child�s development?
-How do I stimulate my child�s vision?
-The social impact of albinism.
-Sun safety
-Early intervention and IEP programs
-And MUCH more!
Here is a link to purchase the book from the NOAH website: NOAH Store


  1. Thanks for announcing the availability of Raising Child with Albinism.

  2. Wow, how cool! I wish this was around when Madison was first diagnosed! How neat that Lyra is in a book!

  3. Our new granddaughter was just born with Albinism and I am looking for information on this subject to help us gain knowledge and understanding and to learn all of the precautions that we need to take with her.

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