More Dumb Things People Say

More Dumb Things People Say

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I was at my dentist’s office making a payment with Lyra a while back, and there was an older woman finishing up about the same time as us. She had been staring and making baby talk/saying Hi to Lyra for a few minutes. As we were walking out, me pushing Lyra in her stroller, the lady followed outside. Once outside I bent over to fix Lyra’s sun hat. The lady bent over to talk to Lyra and in her best baby-talk voice, said “What are you?” EXCUSE ME… At first I thought I MUST have misunderstood her, but then she said it again, “What are you?”…and AGAIN 2 or 3 more times! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! SHE’S A BABY, YOU IDIOT! WHAT THE HECK KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT!?!

Anyway, I was SO STUNNED after hearing these words come out of this woman’s mouth, that I just stood there…speechless…and then walked away. I was really kicking myself later that day for not saying anything. I should have at least given her one of Lyra’s cards.

There’s always something new. 🙂

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  1. In the womens defense, could she have been asking about gender? Sometimes it’s tough to tell the gender of babies.

  2. Author

    Yes, maybe… but Lyra’s hair was in pigtails with pink bows and she was wearing a pink dress. 🙂

  3. You know, I remember hearing junk like that when I was a kid. It bugged me when I was four, heck, I think it bugged me when I was younger than 4… That said, people can be pretty ridiculous some times.

    Nice site, as a 42 year old guy with albinism (and a great family who have much darker skin than I do, which is not hard, and who see better than I do, which is not that hard either…) I find all this really fascinating. You may find more comments on here in the next little bit from me, very cool.


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