Lyra the Songster

Lyra the Songster

I post a lot of videos of Lyra. 😀 I do this not just to entertain, but also to support my overall purpose of starting this site. I’m not sure if they really HELP other parents of children with albinism.  I hope that for NEW parents of a child with albinism, watching these videos gives them comfort.  I want encourage them and show them that everything is going to be okay.  By seeing how happy, and NORMAL, and silly, and beautiful Lyra is, maybe they will worry a little less, smile a little more and have hope for their child’s future.

Plus…I’m her Mommy…and I HAVE TO show her off.  😛


  1. Don’t be silly, of course your posts and videos HELP us new moms! Lyra is such a cutie!!!

  2. Ryker was watching the video with me and he was singing right along with Lyra! She is so adorable!

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