Kansas City NOAH Mini-Conference

Kansas City NOAH Mini-Conference

KC Mini-Conference

I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned this on this site, but I am now a member of the NOAH Board of Directors.  As a board member, one of the projects I’ve been working on is planning a local 1-day mini-conference to be held on on August 8th at the Kansas State School for the Blind.   This would be why you haven’t seen any new posts over the last several weeks.  🙂

The Kansas City mini-conference is the 5th in a series of regional events across North America in 2009.  For more information on other upcoming NOAH events, visit the NOAH Events page.

I have to admit, this mini-conference planning has been a lot more work than I ever realized.  Fortunately I have 2 other parents of kids with albinism and my friend Heather Kirkwood all helping out with the planning.  I think we’ve put together a great event!  We have an amazing program for the adults, including both national and local speakers presenting on  a variety of topics.

  • Dr. Murray Brilliant, Ph.D- Genetics of Albinism
  • Dr. David Adams, Ph.D, M.D.- Albinism Research
  • Dr. Bruce Kater, OD- Albinism: Physical effects on the eye and visual function
  • Mike McGowan, President of NOAH- National Institute of Health, Research Protocol
  • Chantel Alberhasky, Esq.- IEP Dos and Don’ts – Before, During, and After the Meeting
  • Alex Ritter, TVI- Expanded Core Curriculum
  • Mike McGowan, President of NOAH- How do you trim your toenails?
  • Michael Donnelly, Director of Kansas Rehabilitation Services- “Why Work?” (NEW!)
  • Discussion Groups- Adults with albinism, Parents of children with albinism

More information, including the conference registration form can be found at our mini-conference information site.

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  1. Congrats on the board position!! We went to our regional conference a couple months ago and had a blast. Thank you for all your hard work for NOAH – I’m sure it will be a huge success!

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