IFSP to IEP Transition Planning- Part 4

IFSP to IEP Transition Planning- Part 4


So… I finally got that observation at Lyra’s preschool…just 4 days before she was scheduled to begin her evaluation period. The afternoon preschool class goes from 12:30PM to 3:30PM and I stayed and observed for most of that time. I think it went well overall. Lyra’s teachers have been really nice and very open and accepting of any help/advice/support I can give. Lyra’s Functional Vision Assessment and Orientation and Mobility Assessment were both completed, as I posted in earlier posts.

So as part of her evaluation, Lyra has been attending preschool 2 days /week. She has attended 5 times so far. Lyra is LOVING it! The first 2 days, I stayed with her at the preschool. We are all learning a lot.
I am cautiously optimistic.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though. I’ve had a couple of rather heated conversations/meetings with one of the key players on Lyra’s IEP planning team. This has definitely forced me to become more aggressive in doing my homework to prepare for the meeting. I will include links to much of that “homework” that has been keeping me so busy, at the end of this post.

Our family’s relationship with the school district is going to be a long one and I’d really like it to remain a positive and cooperative relationship. It is not my intention to cause conflict by making unreasonable requests or insulting educational professionals. However, they need to realize and accept that I know my child better than ANYONE and I WILL do everything necessary to ensure that all of her needs are met to the fullest extent possible.

Lastly… If I hear one more person from the school district say to me, “Well, we’ve had children with albinism in our preschool before.”, I think I am going to SCREAM! I know those people who have said it mean well and are probably just trying to comfort me and reassure me that Lyra will be okay at preschool, but after hearing it for the 10 time…..IT’S REALLY NOT COMFORTING! After hearing that phrase repeated SO many times…..I’m the opposite of comforted. I’m more worried! You know why? Because at this point, when they say to me, “We’ve had children with albinism in our preschool before,” what I hear and interpret that as, is…”We can handle this,  Back-off, We don’t need your input, you’re just a parent.”

Glad I got that off my chest. 😀

Anyway, we have a date for the actual IEP meeting.  It is next Monday, April 27th.  I don’t expect to get much sleep between now and then.  This stuff has been really hard work.  I can recall very few things in my life that have been this time consuming and mind draining.   Fortunately… I get by with a little help from my friends.   🙂   Those of you who have been “coaching” me and helping me research over the last few weeks, THANK YOU SOO MUCH!  I couldn’t do this alone.

Smart IEPs

Preschool Children with Visual Impairments

Considerations for Low Vision Students in a Classroom

Environmental Checklist for Developing Independence

Tips for Classroom Teachers with a Visually Impaired Student

Advice to Parents of Partially Sighted Children

Literacy and Expanded Core Curriculum

The Braille Literacy Crisis

And that’s not even ALL of my sources.  😛


  1. Good luck with the IEP meeting on Monday. Hope all goes well, I will be thinking of you. Thanks for all the great information.

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