Goals and Milestones Met- 20 months

Goals and Milestones Met- 20 months

Lyra has been a busy girl.  These are current IFSP goals that she has met and a whole bunch of other milestones she’s met.   Mommy has been a busy mommy.   I have a ton of updates I need to write about and hopefully I’ll get those posts written over the next few days.  🙂


Will recognize when book is upside down and correct it
Will match object to picture
Will sort, match, identify colors (red, green, yellow, blue)
Will sort, match, identify colors and other concepts including size and shape
Will follow directions and identify objects using spatial concepts ( in front, behind, on top, under/over)
Will identify body parts and function of body parts both receptively and expressively

Kick and throw a ball towards a target
String 5 large beads

Lyra will demonstrate understanding of early descriptive words (e.g. sizes, colors) with 80% accy in a field of 3-4 choices
Lyra will follow 2-step commands in context with 80% accy.
Lyra will use personal pronouns (I, me, my) with 80% accy.
Lyra will produce 40-50 spontaneous 2-4 word phrases of various types in a 45 minute session.
Lyra will produce an age-appropriate array of communicative functions in her spontaneous utterances


demonstrates the use of familiar objects on request (hairbrush, crayon)
finds/touches big/little objects on request
identifies and matches shapes (circle, square, triangle, diamond, star, heart)
understands and gives “just one”
understands and gives “just two”
finds object when function is described (show me the one you brush your teeth with
touches smaller body parts (fingers, thumb, toes, belly button, elbow, and chin) on request
touches body part when function is described (show me what you hear with, see with, eat with)
tells age verbally
sorts 3 kinds of dissimilar objects
counts verbally 1-5
names 2-3 animals, 2-3 items of clothing
tells own current activity (“eat cookie”, “go potty”)
combines two words to express possession (“daddy car”)
asks questions beginning with “what”, “where”, or “when”
uses “is” in statements (“this is a ball”)
occasionally uses articles “the” and  “a”
plays with 2-3 peers with adult supervision
pets and interacts with 2-3 different animals
shows awareness of routine by preparing for next activity without reminder (goes to table at lunch)
spontaneously joins in when familiar song or rhyme is heard
attempts to help adult with more complicated tasks (holds dustpan, wipes table)
enjoys hearing familiar stories repeated; tries to participate in story telling
greets familiar people without reminder
says please and thank you without reminder
interested in T.V.
stacks 8-9 small cubes
imitates adult making vertical and horizontal lines with a pencil/crayon
imitates circle with pencil or crayon
matches colors (red, yellow, blue, black, white)
participates in messy activities (fingerpaint, sand)
independently explores familiar rooms in own home
knows the arrangement of furniture, doors, stairs within own home
uses straw to sip liquid
holds spoon with adult grasp
pierces food with fork and brings to mouth
pulls pants up and down with assistance
zips engaged zipper on coat or sleeper
indicates wet or soiled pants
flushes toilet with reminder
washes hands with soap and water (needs assistance)
dries hands with towel
brushes teeth (with assistance)
puts together 3-part nesting toy
rolls, pats, pounds, pinches clay ball
turns knobs on toys, T.V., stereo
holds pencil with thumb and fingers in adult grasp
walks up stairs independently
jumps in place with both feet
pushes chair or stool to counter and climbs up
somersaults forward
stands up one foot momentarily

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  1. wow I was very impressed by your listing that Lyra can string 5 large beads. I thought this must not be a small thing to do given vision imparment. Way to go Lyra! How impressive her list of “GOALS MET” are! You have every right to be proud Mom! Happy New Year to you both and your family.

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