Fun and Learning

Fun and Learning

Over the last couple of days, Lyra has had this AWESOME new game/activity to play with.  Her TVI brought it with her to her last visit and now we are “trying it out” to see if it is something we would want to buy. See the video above to watch Lyra in action.

This game, toy, activity, or whatever you want to call it is called Toddler Make-a-Match.  There are a variety of learning activities you can do with it, each having a different level of difficulty.  All of the items needed for the activities are provided, including 12 pairs of objects, 12 silhouette cards, 12 outline cards, 3 blue baskets, and the instructions/activity suggestions.

Through all of these activities, you can also work on language skills, both receptive and expressive.  Find the _______. = receptive and What is this? = expressive. For the video, we only used 8 of the 12 objects.  Sometimes 12 can be a little overwhelming. The first of the activities is matching object to object.   In general, this is typically the first skill that is taught/learned, as far as matching skills development, followed by object to picture matching and then picture to picture matching. Going from easiest to most difficult, the second activity is matching the objects to the corresponding silhouette cards.  Once that is mastered, you can begin matching the objects to the corresponding outline cards.  One of the challenges on matching the objects to the cards is getting the object lined up correctly and not upside down or backwards.

The next suggested activity is matching the silhouette cards with the corresponding outline cards.  Lyra has not tried that yet and I expect it will be a little more challenging.  In my opinion and if I had designed this game, I would have included a 3rd set of cards. 😛 Those cards would be actual full color pictures of each object.  When first learning object to picture matching, I think it would be better to start by matching to full color pictures.  Then move on to the silhouettes and outlines.

The last activity that Lyra does in the video is basically a feel & find game.  I gave her one of the objects, let her feel it, not just look at, and then told her to find the other one in the bag. (bag was ours, not included in set)  She had never done this before, so I was really wondering how she would deal with the not looking in the bag part.  She did great! 🙂

I have only been able to find this at ONE online store and the $36.99 price is not cheap.  We are going to continue “trying it out,” but since Lyra seems to have mastered most of the activities, I’m not sure it would be worth buying.  If we would have found this 6 months ago, I DEFINITELY would have bought it!   You can find Toddler Make-A-Match at the Constructive Playthings School Division website.

I’m not saying that I think this toy/game is overpriced and I don’t want to deter anyone from buying it.  It’s really great and it includes lots of stuff all in one handy dandy bag.  :D  However, this is something that you could make yourself with some of your own small toys/objects and some index cards.  It may not be as fancy, but If you have the desire and time to create a homemade version, it would be equally effective for learning the language, memory, matching concepts.