Early Intervention

Early Intervention

Early Intervention Services-4 months-present
Vision Specialist and Occupational Therapist come once a week for an hour, one on Tuesday, the other on Thursday.
Work on vision skills- tracking, following, depth perception
Work on motor skills, reaching, grasping, holding head up, rolling over
Work on using vision and motor skills together- opening mouth when spoon is coming.
Prebraille (kids with albinism might use braille, might read print, or both for a while)

Tests/Assessments used
-HELP (Hawaii Early Learning Profile)
-OREGON Skills Inventory
-Parent/team report

IFSP Outcomes for Vision (9/19/06)
-Fixate on a variety of toys and faces
-Localize sounds and voices
-Follow in all directions
-Track in all directions
-Gaze shift between two toys and faces
-Monitor light sensitivity
-Scanning her environment
Time frame for goals-6 months

IFSP Outcomes for Motor skills (9/19/06)
– Lyra will use her vision to purposefully grasp a toy
-Lyra will play with a toy using both hands at midline, medium size toy, bottle, object to mouth
-Lyra will hold an item in each hand and bring them together at midline, i.e. banging 2 toys together
-maintain grasp on item in each hand
-Lyra will remove 3 hand size objects from a container
-Lyra will put 3 hand size objects into a container (voluntary release)
-Lyra will maintain position on all 4’s for 1 min.
-Lyra will crawl forward on all 4’s five feet
-Lyra will sit up with minimal support
Time frame for goals-6 months


  1. I just stumbled on your blog. Just wanted to say great job! I see you already know about NOAH – do you know about the Albinism International group on yahoo? (It’s so big you might already be there and I’ve just missed you!) It’s another great way to meet other parents and people with albinism.

    Best of luck!

    A person with albinism too!

  2. From just another Nonnie,
    I’ve looked at some of your pictures and read part of your blog. You have beautiful children. I admire your setting up this site to reach out to other parents. I have always believed that things happen for a reason. Your beautiful baby girl is not only a blessing to your family, but a much larger blessing to other families that don’t know if they can deal with a special child, no matter what the diagnosis. Your information and personal accounts will surely touch many lives in a positive way. Thank You

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