Lyra finally has her glasses. The first time we put them on, they were off in less than 30 seconds. Every time we tried to put them back on her, she would shake her head “no” and scream. Now, 2 weeks later, she’s kept them on for up to 20 minutes at a time and she LETS us put them back on her. I’ve noticed they start to slide off her nose after a while, giving her the NERD look. I’m going to take them in to be adjusted to fit better. They also have to order new lenses, because these were supposed to beRead More →

Lyra is walking pretty much all the time. I rarely see her crawl anymore. This is AWESOME…except that she is like a pinball when she walks. I keep the toys, books, blankets and sippy cups picked up as much as possible, but Lyra drags everything out all over the place. Then she walks around the room tripping on this, bumping into that, and sideswiping everything else. I know toddlers fall a lot when learning to walk, but I think its more than just being a toddler. The only identifiable issue that we can try to correct, is that Lyra doesn’t look down, as she walksRead More →

Lyra has developed enough of a refractive error to need glasses. They are for farsightedness and the strength is +2.5 in one eye and +2.75 in the other. Her PO was going to wait another 6 months. I asked if we could go ahead and get them, as long as there was not HARM in it, so that Lyra could get more “practice” wearing them. The doctor agreed and told us to try and get Lyra to wear them 25% to 50% of the time. We are excited and nervous at the same time. We are still trying to figure out a way to getRead More →

I hadn’t had any real concerns regarding Lyra’s vision development for a long time. Recently though, her TVI, Troy and I have noticed some issues with her depth perception. She tried to “pick-up” a label on her Baby Faces book as if it was a sticker, but the label was printed on the book, it was flush with the cover. Also, we got this book called “Cheerios”… it has pictures of cheerios and also has little cut-out circles for you to place real cheerios. We present the pages to Lyra with the real ones already on it and see if she can pick out theRead More →

Before After Lyra’s surgery went very well. I think she did better than I did. The surgery itself only took about 40 minutes and then she stayed in the recovery room about an hour. That was a really long hour for me to wait. I didn’t think it would take so long for her to wake up. We were home before noon. It’s amazing what they can do with outpatient surgery these days. Her eyes weren’t as gross looking after surgery as I expected. The inner whites of her eyes were bloody, but it wasn’t constantly dripping or oozing blood or goop. Her eyes neverRead More →

Lyra will be having bilateral strabismus surgery next Tuesday, March 13th. Both of Lyra’s eyes cross inward. The purpose of this surgery is to straighten her eyes. By improving the appearance of her eyes it will hopefully improve her psychological and emotional development. The realignment of her eyes may also improve her depth perception and improve the likelihood of developing equal vision in both eyes. The following is from an information sheet given to us by Lyra’s pediatric ophthamologist, Dr. Trudi R. Grin called “Understanding Eye Muscle Surgery.” This explains the surgery: ” Eye muscle surgery involves re-positioning the muscles that attach to the eyeball.Read More →

Visits to the Pediatric Ophthalmologist-Dr. Trudi Grin- 1 month old- low pigment in eyes, nystagmus, strabismus, and photophobia. I’m told her vision will likely be anywhere from 20/60 to 20/2200 corrected. 3 months old- doctor still seeing the nystagmus and strabismus in both eyes, now seeing a little bit of farsightedness, but not enough for glasses. We are told that eventually Lyra will need strabismus surgery. 6 months old- At home we were seeing Lyra’s right eye turning in more. Dr. prescribes patching the left eye, 1 hr a day, everyday. 7 months- We call the doctor to tell her we are now seeing bothRead More →