Make an on-line slideshow at Lyra is “reading” her storybook, Quiet Loud by Leslie Patricelli.   Here are the words from the story, in case you can’t understand what she is saying. Whispering is quiet.  Screaming is LOUD. Crayons are quiet.  Pots and pans are LOUD. Fishies are quiet.  Doggies are LOUD. Thinking is quiet.  Singing is LOUD. Snow is quiet.  Rainstorms are LOUD. (She skipped this page) Slippers are quiet.  Mommy’s shoes are LOUD. Sniffles are quiet.  Sneezes are LOUD. Turtles are quiet.  Monkeys are LOUD Birds are quiet.  Airplanes are LOUD. Libraries are quiet.  Playgrounds are LOUD. Naptime is quiet.  Playtime is LOUD.Read More →

I told Lyra that I wanted to take some pictures of her wearing her new glasses. She wanted me to make a video of her instead. Who am I to argue with Little Miss Opinionated. 😛Read More →

Last month at her big brother’s birthday party, Lyra got to go roller skating.  She did surprisingly well for her first attempt at skating.  I expected her to be scared or at least more hesitant because of all the other skaters zooming by.  She had a blast!Read More →

This is a video of Lyra with her TVI doing a color sorting/matching activity.  They are using colored bears and boats.  I recently did some Christmas shopping for Lyra and found a similar toy/game.  It also includes cards used for learning to recognize and make patterns.  For more information you can click on the product link below. Color Clown Sort and Pattern KitRead More →

Over the last couple of days, Lyra has had this AWESOME new game/activity to play with.  Her TVI brought it with her to her last visit and now we are “trying it out” to see if it is something we would want to buy. See the video above to watch Lyra in action. This game, toy, activity, or whatever you want to call it is called Toddler Make-a-Match.  There are a variety of learning activities you can do with it, each having a different level of difficulty.  All of the items needed for the activities are provided, including 12 pairs of objects, 12 silhouette cards,Read More →

Normally Lyra’s TVI and OT come separately.  Lately they have been coming for visits together to try and work with Lyra outside where she is less familiar with the environment.  However, the last two Tuesday’s when they have come, it has been raining outside. So, here is a video of their latest visit.  🙂Read More →

I post a lot of videos of Lyra. 😀 I do this not just to entertain, but also to support my overall purpose of starting this site. I’m not sure if they really HELP other parents of children with albinism.  I hope that for NEW parents of a child with albinism, watching these videos gives them comfort.  I want encourage them and show them that everything is going to be okay.  By seeing how happy, and NORMAL, and silly, and beautiful Lyra is, maybe they will worry a little less, smile a little more and have hope for their child’s future. Plus…I’m her Mommy…and IRead More →

This past spring, our family attended an event at our local Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired called Literacy Lollapalooza.  This all day workshop type event included a variety of sessions designed to promote literacy in children with visual impairments.  One of the activities that was talked about in a couple of the sessions was making your own book, specifically making a book about something in your childs life, an “experience book.”  You could write a book about a visit to grandma’s or a trip to the zoo.  You could make a book about a daily routine like making dinner or bath time.  You canRead More →