Does anyone even read this anymore? 😛 Today I decided I am going to start writing again! It’s been way too long! And I miss it… 🙂 For starters, Lyra just turned 9 this month. And today was her last day of 3rd grade!  I don’t even know where to begin with everything else that’s been going on.  While I think about that…here are some new pictures of Lyra.Read More →

“The easeful days, the dreamless nights; the homely round of plain delights; the calm unambitioned mind, the simple stuff of summertime.” ~ Aster Austin DobsonRead More →

We’ve finally started having a few nice days when we can go outside and play. :D  Yes, I know spring doesn’t really start for 2 more weeks. I have no idea what she’s pointing at in this next pic. 😛 Lyra is determined to invent a new sport involving a bat and a soccer ball.Read More →