3rd Quarter Preschool Progress

3rd Quarter Preschool Progress

The information below is from Lyra’s 3rd quarter progress reports from the private preschool she attends. The first section is from her braille instructor and the other is from her regular classroom teacher.  I am quite pleased with their reports.  😀

Lyra uses a braillewriter adapted with unifix cubes on the keys. She inserts paper with help and rolls paper in independently. She produces entire lines of full cells and 2 letters (a, I) with strong pressure. She allows assistance to position her fingers to produce her first name. She has asked about upper case letters and has used the capital sign in front of her name with assistance.

She tracks across lines of braille with assistance and consistently tactually locates a 2-space break or a dissimilar braille letter in the line. She has occasionally located 1 dissimilar braille letter in a line of 4 letters with max. assistance to track. She tactually identifies 2 braille letters (a, I). Work needs to be shielded as she prefers to use her vision. She visually identifies several braille letters at 4 inches.

She has replicated configurations of 24 letters in a manipulative braille cell and accurately states dot locations 1-6. She visually identifies several letters that have been formed in a manipulative cell.


1st quarter:
Lyra is a great addition to our classroom! She is a very energetic and curious learner. She is always eager to participate in activities, and wants to experience everything that school has to offer. We are seeing emergent social skills, and an increased desire to interact with her peers. She enjoys looking at books with an adult, playing games with other children, and exploring manipulative toys. We are working on following directions and listening to instructions. We are also working on attending to a task for a certain amount of time, such as an art activity or circle time (this is a struggle for most young children’). Lyra is becoming increasingly familiar with the routine of the classroom, and is picking up on concepts very quickly, such as the letter of the week, calendar concepts, and handwriting. Again, she is a joy to have in class, and we are loving watching her progress!

2nd quarter:
We have had a lot of fun getting to know Lyra even better over the last few months. It is very clear that she loves to read and be read to, which is a great indicator that she will be a very bright academic student. She has picked up very well on routines, and we have seen a lot of curiosity and exploration. She really enjoys interacting with both adults and peers, and does not have any problem getting along with other students. We are continuing to work on listening and following instructions, but have seen marked improvement in this area. We have also seen an increased ability to attend to a task for a certain amount of time, like circle time and group activities. She is a very fun and entertaining child and we love watching her learn!

3rd quarter:
The past few months have been a very fun and exciting time to have Lyra in the classroom. She continues to explore and ask questions about her environment, and has become increasingly familiar with classroom routines. We are constantly amazed by what she remembers and her ability to ask appropriate questions. Lyra loves to interact with others in her environment, including peers and adults. She is very outgoing and does not struggle to get along with her classmates. We are still working on maintaining participation in group activities like snack and circle time, but this is a work in progress for most small children. We are also working on listening and following directions when they are given. She has a great personality and we love having her in the class!

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  1. Wow! I can’t believe how much Braille she’s already learning! Our VI won’t even start on it until grade school. I need to show her this post. 🙂

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