Her bus arrives home after school one day – Lyra walks in the front door and drops her backpack on the floor.  As she’s taking her coat off, I ask her, “How was your day?”  “Good” she says…and just before I’m able to ask my next question, she adds, “and I didn’t learn anything new today, Mom.”   My jaw drops, and I’m thinking…have I really become that predictable to my 3-yr old? Yeah, so maybe I do often ask Lyra what she learned at school.  I guess it’s just this crazy idea/belief I have, that every child should have the opportunity to learn something newRead More →

This takes so much less effort than actually WRITING a post. I hope to start writing again soon though.  🙂 Make photo slide shows at www.OneTrueMedia.comRead More →

Last month at her big brother’s birthday party, Lyra got to go roller skating.  She did surprisingly well for her first attempt at skating.  I expected her to be scared or at least more hesitant because of all the other skaters zooming by.  She had a blast!Read More →

I have recently been talking with Kansas City area film maker Xavier Dejesus. He is making a documentary about albinism called “Can You See Me?” As a parent of a child with albinism, he intends to present a positive and realistic representation of albinism. He also wants to focus on the social aspects of albinism and the challenges parents face as they raise a child with albinism. Parents of children with albinism and individuals with albinism will share their experiences, their difficulties, and all the emotions that go along with them. They can share what they’ve learned, what has helped them and what makes themRead More →