The information below is from Lyra’s 3rd quarter progress reports from the private preschool she attends. The first section is from her braille instructor and the other is from her regular classroom teacher.  I am quite pleased with their reports.  😀 Lyra uses a braillewriter adapted with unifix cubes on the keys. She inserts paper with help and rolls paper in independently. She produces entire lines of full cells and 2 letters (a, I) with strong pressure. She allows assistance to position her fingers to produce her first name. She has asked about upper case letters and has used the capital sign in front ofRead More →

Troy and I, and the rest of Lyra’s IEP team met for a 2nd time to continue where we had left off during the meeting the week before.  Like the first meeting, this one also lasted 3 hours, but it was a much more productive 3 hours.  We were able to get the IEP completed, other than a few corrections in the wording that we’re still working on.  We were successful in getting Braille written into the IEP, including pre-braille goals and direct Braille instruction. We were also able to get most of our list of accommodations and modifications included. One of the reasons thisRead More →

From the very beginning of this whole process, I’ve known that our biggest challenge would be getting the school district to teach Lyra Braille.  I very quickly learned just how big that challenge was going to be. On Lyra’s first day attending the preschool for her transition, I dropped her off at her classroom and went to meet with one of the IEP team members from the school district.  This would be one of the “heated conversations” that I referred to in an earlier post.  The purpose of our meeting was just to go over some questions I had, but somewhere in the middle ofRead More →