What Can Lyra See? A lot…but just not as clearly as everyone else. Her vision now is about 20/200, which is legally blind, but this doesn’t mean she lives in a world of darkness. My vision without my glasses or contacts is 20/200. Very early on, we knew she could see something…we just weren’t sure what. She would look at toys, books, or objects that had very high contrast. We have a dark navy blue border along the top edge of the white walls in our bedroom. We would take Lyra in there, and she would look up at it and laugh hysterically. Of courseRead More →

Early Intervention Services-4 months-present Vision Specialist and Occupational Therapist come once a week for an hour, one on Tuesday, the other on Thursday. Work on vision skills- tracking, following, depth perception Work on motor skills, reaching, grasping, holding head up, rolling over Work on using vision and motor skills together- opening mouth when spoon is coming. Prebraille (kids with albinism might use braille, might read print, or both for a while) Tests/Assessments used -HELP (Hawaii Early Learning Profile) -OREGON Skills Inventory -Parent/team report IFSP Outcomes for Vision (9/19/06) -Fixate on a variety of toys and faces -Localize sounds and voices -Follow in all directions -TrackRead More →