Lyra Joins the Soccer Team

Lyra Joins the Soccer Team

Lyra began showing an interest in playing soccer while watching her big brother’s many soccer practices and games over the past two years.  Any time the soccer ball would go out of bounds near her, she would yell “I’ll Get It!” and immediately run to try and kick the ball back.  Fortunately a big white ball on green grass is pretty easy for her to see so she does usually manage to kick it…somewhere.  She’s “played soccer” at home with her dad and brother many times, but never on a team with other kids, or with rules.

We finally decided to sign her up this year.  I am cautiously optimistic.  Definitely nervous…  At first I was worried about issues we might run into with them allowing/not allowing her to wear her hat and sunglasses during games, but her coach said that as long as we have a doctor’s note, that it won’t be a problem.  I’ll feel better about that issue once we get through the first game.

When I talked to her coach for the first time, there was so much I felt I needed to tell her and I’m sure I totally freaked her out.  I wanted her to know Lyra’s limitations, trouble recognizing peers, not responding to facial expressions and gestures, but I don’t want her to baby her.  If Lyra is sitting on her butt being a lazy fart during practice, I want her coach to know it’s okay to tell her to get up and get to work!

Lyra has had two soccer practices now and so far she’s doing great!  She has a disadvantage compared to the other kids, mostly because of her size, not her vision. She is so tiny!  Hard to keep up when your legs are a foot shorter than the other kids.  😛  She is having a blast!  The main thing we need to teach Lyra right now is not to yell, “Look at me Mom!” or “Are you watching me Dad?” as she’s running down the soccer field.  The difference between not seeing…and not LOOKING!


This video is from her most recent soccer practice.

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  1. I hope you don’t mind me reading a couple of your post. I am currently taking an Anatomy and Physiology class and albinism was mentioned in one the chapters. I wanted to know a little more about it and out of curiosity I stumbled across your blog. All I wanted to tell you is that your little girl is absolutely beautiful. It sounds like she has been blessed with amazing parents. Thank you for the information that you have passed on to me.

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