Early Intervention Services-4 months-present Vision Specialist and Occupational Therapist come once a week for an hour, one on Tuesday, the other on Thursday. Work on vision skills- tracking, following, depth perception Work on motor skills, reaching, grasping, holding head up, rolling over Work on using vision and motor skills together- opening mouth when spoon is coming. Prebraille (kids with albinism might use braille, might read print, or both for a while) Tests/Assessments used -HELP (Hawaii Early Learning Profile) -OREGON Skills Inventory -Parent/team report IFSP Outcomes for Vision (9/19/06) -Fixate on a variety of toys and faces -Localize sounds and voices -Follow in all directions -TrackRead More →

Visits to the Pediatric Ophthalmologist-Dr. Trudi Grin- 1 month old- low pigment in eyes, nystagmus, strabismus, and photophobia. I’m told her vision will likely be anywhere from 20/60 to 20/2200 corrected. 3 months old- doctor still seeing the nystagmus and strabismus in both eyes, now seeing a little bit of farsightedness, but not enough for glasses. We are told that eventually Lyra will need strabismus surgery. 6 months old- At home we were seeing Lyra’s right eye turning in more. Dr. prescribes patching the left eye, 1 hr a day, everyday. 7 months- We call the doctor to tell her we are now seeing bothRead More →